Swackhammer Band


HAPPY 2015!! 

December 31st the band was sitting having lunch before going to setup and soundcheck. At 1:20pm I received a call that my daughter had been born. Mother and child both well. I let out a big whoop in the middle of the restaurant and toasted with the band, the crew and a shot of tequila. Ly Swackhammer (baby sister of Emma and Ethan) - born December 31, 2014 at 1pm weighing 3.2Kg. Welcome to the planet my little one.

 The band performed over the Holidays at the new Amanoi Resort just outside Phan Rang , Vietnam. My sincere gratitude to Duc, Thanh, Vy, Brian and Dingo for such fine work. To all band members (past and present), family, friends and fans I wish you a Happy New Year filled with Peace, Love and Laughter. Cheers to a great 2015!