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It gives me great pleasure to announce that The Swackhammer Band has been confirmed to once again play the New Years Eve celebrations at The Macao Military Club, Macao SAR. With a planned 80's theme it will be time to channel the inner Cyndi Lauper and Billy Idol and get totally gnarly. Duuude!

Erick Swackhammer






An International special event/club band based in Nha Trang, Vietnam. The Swackhammmer Band works with a flexible lineup of international musicians allowing a tailored program for any event. Dedicated to good tunes and good times for all.



 The heart of The Swackhammer Band is the musical pairing of Tran Minh Duc (The Duke of Blues) and Erick Swackhammer. Performing together in acoustic duet for over 10 years, Hammer & The Duke put on a show that while smoothly professional, is also spontaneous and fun. Performing from a playlist spanning many styles and amplitudes, the pair are known as purveyors of some damn fine acoustic music.




The musical core of The Swackhammer Band is comprised of Nguyen Chi Thanh (bass, vocals), Tran Minh Duc (guitar, vocals) and Erick Swackhammer (drums, vocals). As "Brothers 3" Elder brother Thanh, Middle brother Erick and Younger brother Duc play in the old school format of the power trio. Classic tracks and surprising covers.